Development History

Dryairs Development History

Dryair's Predecessor----Paper Making Institute1973~2003

Hangzhou Dry Air Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd(2004~ )


Oct., 1973 ~ Dec., 1975, commissioned by three ministries and one committee (COSTIND), Paper Making Institute developed and produced the first desiccant wheel of China, and thus beginning to provide high-performance dehumidification equipment for major industries in China.


Jun., 1989, the Institute developed and produced the first low dew point dehumidification unit of China.


Jan.2004, Paper Making Institute is reformed and Hangzhou Dry Air Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd is established.


Jul., 2004, the company successfully developed the first set of low-temperature dehumidification system for the satellite launching base.


Jun. 2005, the company was listed among the key fostered start-up enterprises of Science and Technology Bureau of Hangzhou.  

Aug. 2006, ZCH series was named as Zhejiang high-tech products  


Dec. 2006, the company was named as high-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province


In 2007, Dehumidifier for amphibious armored vehicle is produced


Mar.2008 Deep condensation technology is applied in DRYAIR VOC abatement system 



Oct. 2010, the company passed the new GJB9001B-2009 military standard system certification for weapon equipment 


Sep. 2011, the company was named as National High-tech enterprise


Apr.2014 The company is registrated as manufacturer for General Equipment Department of PLA


Aug. 2014,Hangzhou Jieer Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd was founded, It is a subsidiary corporation of Hangzhou Dry Air Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd and a professional company which undertakes all kinds of environmental projects and has a professional team for researching,designing,fabrication,installation,debugging and customer service.


Mar.2015 Deep condensation plus Zeolite VOC concentration technology is applied to DRYAIR VOC abatement system

In Mar.2016, The Company was named as Research Center of Hangzhou.


In May.2016, ZCB-R Series Desiccant dehumidifier with low reactivation temperature is developed.

In 2017 VOC Abatement system is listed as Major Project in Zhejiang Province,China

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