R&D Team

Excellent talents are the foundation for the development of the company: 
DryAir has a pioneering and innovative specialized team which is the most excellent in China, including five senior engineers, three master degree holders, and one doctoral candidate. The key members of Dryair all have extensive theoretical knowledge and more than ten years of experience in the research and development, manufacturing and practice related to dehumidification equipment.
Over the years, the R&D team of Dryair has developed and researched all kinds of dehumidification units, including stand-alone and combined rotary dehumidifiers, direct-cooled rotary dehumidifiers, low dew point dehumidification units for the lithium battery industry, treasury circular rotary dehumidifiers, four-season mobile dehumidifiers for ships, drying equipment for aircraft cabin, minesweepers dehumidification equipment and satellite fairing low humidity dehumidifiers (being first used in satellite launching, for which Taiyuan Satellite Launch Station was awarded with first-class merit by Central Military Commission) developed in 2004, special dehumidification equipment for submarine developed in 2005, special dehumidification equipment for degaussing ships developed in 2006, special dehumidification equipment for armored vehicles developed in 2007, special dehumidification device for Yuanwang 5 monitoring ship in 2008. A number of technologies have filled the gaps in China.

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