• Pharmaceutical


    Pharmaceutical   In pharmaceutical manufacturing, many poweders are highly hygroscopic.When moist,these are difficult to process and have limited shelf-life. For these reasons,in the manufacturing,packaging and storing process of pharmaceutical products, a strictly cont...
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  • Coating


    A major source of man-made VOCs are coatings, especially paints and protective coatings. Solvents are required to spread a protective or decorative film.  Due to its good solvency properties, NMP is used to dissolve a wide range of polymers. It is also used heavily in li...
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  • Food


    Food A well controlled air humidity level is very important to the quality of the finished product in food industry such as chocolate and sugar,both of which are highly hygroscopic.When humidity is high,the product will absorb moisture and become sticky, then it sticks to packaging machinery and...
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  • Bridge


    Bridges Corrosion damage can lead to large costs in bridge, therefore an environment that keeps a maximum of 50% RH around is necessary for anti-corrosion of the steel construction in the process of bridge construction. Related products:(1).(2) The client instance:...
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  • Lithium


    Lithium Industry Lithium batteries are high hygroscopic and moisture sensitive products and highly humidity in lithium manufacturing will cause many problems of lithium products,such as instability performance,reduction of shelf life, reduction of discharge capacity. Th...
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  • warehouse, Refrigerated Storage

    warehouse, Refrigerated Storage

    Refrigerated Storage The biggest trouble in refrigerated storage is frost and ice, because when warm air comes into contact with a cold environment, this phenomenon is inevitable. If dehumidifiers are applied to create a dry environment in the refrigerated storage,these problems will be solved an...
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  • Military Application

    Military Application

    Military Storage Tens of thousands of dehumidifiers are used to protect expensive military equipment in all parts of the world, cutting maintenance costs drastically and increasing the combat readiness of military equipment such as aircraft,tanks,ships and other militar...
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  • Chemical Glass Tire

    Chemical Glass Tire

    Chemical Most fertilizers contain water-soluble salt,which have been proven to be effective in supplying mineral nutrients to crops.All fertilizer materials are directly affected by water and can interact with moisture in the atmosphere which usually result in undesirabl...
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  • Platic


    When a nuclear power plant is shut down for refueling--a process that can take a whole year-dehumidified air can keep such non-nuclear components as boilers,condensers, and turbines rust free. The humidity problem of plastic industry is mainly caused by the condensation...
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