DRYAIR Culture

Company mission:To create dry, comfortable and healthy environment for more enterprises .

Company prospect:Leading air treatment industry, creating a glory century enterprises. 

Company guideline:

to customers:Providing most competitive air treatment system

to employee and stockholders: happiness, diligence, fulfillment

to the society: spreading harmony culture and creating a healthy environment 

Business concept: To make products with more reliable performance and cost saving.

Company spirit:Happy,Sincerity, Passion, Ambition, Sustainability, Success

Corporate spirit:Dedication, Cooperation, Learning, Transcendence
Dedication – Evaluate every task with the standards of customers, and fulfill every minor task heartedly
Cooperation –Multi-party cooperation inside the company, with customers, competitors and so on, seeking win-win situation and common development
Learning – People-oriented, keep implementing R&D in the process of learning and learning in the process of R&D, to build the company into a learning-type organization
Transcendence – Transcend ourselves constantly by allowing individual and the company to learn together, and become the industry leader through reform and innovation

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