• Northvolt AB

    Northvolt AB

    Connstruction for Turn-key dry room system and desiccant dehumidification equipment in Northvolt is almost finished.
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  • CATL(Qinghai factory)

    CATL(Qinghai factory)

    we have supplied 14sets of desiccant dehumidifier for CATL(Qinghai factory) in 2018: ZCB-Z160-16000 1set  ZCB-Z220-22000 1set ZCB-Z150-15000 2set ZCB-Z200-20000 1set ZCH-Z-7000X  1set ZCH-Z-35000S 1set ZCH-Z-20000S 2sets,ZCH-Z-18000S 1set ZCH-Z-7000S 3sets ZCH-D-1500X 1set
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    Turn-key dry air system(which include desiccant dehumidifier, air cooled chiller, air ductwork, water pipes and dry room) installed by Hangzhou Dryair is completed in WHTB GLASS LLC in Longisland ,New York successfully.
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  • CATL


    CATL ranks first in annual battery production in the world. And it cooperates with multiple well-known domestic and international carmakers. DRYAIR has been providing desiccant dehumidification system for CATL since 2017.
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  • Microvast, Inc. China Facility in Huzhou,Zhejiang Province

    Microvast, Inc. China Facility in Huzhou,Zhejiang Province

      In 2014,Hangzhou Dryair’s Low Dew Point Desiccant Dehumidifier ZCH-15000,ZCH-18000 were used to supply low dew point air at -45℃(73F)for 1040 square meters (11200 square feet) Dry Room. In 2011, a turn key dry room of 7500 sq.feet including low dew point desicc...
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    BYD as the world leading energy solution provider is now supplying energy products to more than 30 countries and regions in five continents except Antarctica. In 2014  Low dew point desiccant dehumidifier ZCH-6000s(T:20±1℃,Td≤-50℃) In 2009  Low dew point desiccant dehum...
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  • Saft Battery,China

    Saft Battery,China

    In 2015, 2sets of Low dew point desiccant dehumidifiers ZCH-18000S for 4300square feet*8.8ft Assembly workshop   1 set of Low dew point desiccant dehumidifier ZCH-15000S for 2690square feet*8.8ft Lithium Injection Room
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  • Dow Chemical  (China) Investment Company Limited

    Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Limited

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  • ATL


    ATL is the world's leading producer and innovator of lithium-ion batteries. DRYAIR has been providing desiccant dehumidification system for ATL&CATL since 2017.
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  • General Motors

    General Motors

    General Motors (China) Investment Company Limited MODEL NO.:NMP RECOVERY SYSTEM JRH-2500           Condensing unit NC-16AS           Cooling pipes
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  • EVE energy

    EVE energy

    EVE Energy Co., Ltd   EVE Energy Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 and specializes in high-energy lithium batteries.EVE is the largest provider of Primary lithium cells within China. In October 2009, EVE became the first company listed on GEM in Shenzhen (Stock code: 300014....
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  • Hefei Guoxuan Hi-tech power energy

    Hefei Guoxuan Hi-tech power energy

    HeFei Guoxuan High-tech Power Energy Co.,Ltd Hefei Guoxuan High-tech Energy Power Co., Ltd. is founded in May, 2006, which locates in Yaohai industrial zone, Hefei in Anhui province. Generally, the construction areas occupy 100, 000 square-meters. The registration account is 50 million CNY, and ...
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  • Ganfeng Lithium

    Ganfeng Lithium

    Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise which founded in 2000, covered science, industry and trade with the area of 300 Chinese acres, registered capital of 75,000,000 Yuan, 450 staff, 160 of them are engineers, technicians and administrators (80 of high-level and intermediate ti...
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  • BAK battery

    BAK battery

    BAK battery Shenzhen BAK is a leading global manufacturer of lithium based  battery cells, its main products include cylindrical,prismatic and polymer battery cells which are the principal component of rechargeable batteries commonly used in cellular  phones, notebook computers and portable cons...
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  • American Freeze Dry

    American Freeze Dry

    1st Room: T=12-20℃,RH≤30% Size:  60.5 sq.m(636.5sq.ft) Height: 3.3m(11ft) 5 people ZCB-Z-3000(3000CMH/1764CFM)   2nd  Room T=23±1℃ RH≤1%, Td≤-35℃ in the dry room Size: 123sq.m(1312.5) Height: 3.3m(11ft) 3  people ZCB-Z-12000S(12000CMH/7058CFM)
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  • Queesland University of Technology

    Queesland University of Technology

    1st Dry Room: T=20-22℃ RH≤30%  in the dry room Size:  29 sq.m Height: 3m 2 people ZCB-D45-4500(4500CMH/2647CFM)   2nd Dry Room T=20-22℃ Td≤-45℃ RH≤0.5%in the dry room 41sq.m Height: 3m 2 people ZCH-4000S+FFU 2sets 
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  • Nanotek Instruments

    Nanotek Instruments

    1st Dry Room: T=23±1℃ RH≤10%  in the dry room Size:  58.7 sq.m(630 sqare.foot) Height: 3m(9.84foot) 5 people ZCB-D45-4500(4500CMH/2647CFM)   2nd Dry Room T=23±1℃ RH≤1%, Td≤-35℃ in the dry room 128.7sq.m (1395 sqare.foot) Height: 3m(9.84foot) 7  people ZCH-8000S(8000CMH/4705CFM)
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  • General Capacitor

    General Capacitor

    1st Dry Room: Size:  37 sq.m(400 sqare.foot) Height: 3m(9.84foot) 5 people   2nd Dry Room 149sq.m (1600 sqare.foot) Height: 3m(9.84foot) 10  people T:18-22℃ Td≤-45℃ in the dry room Supply air: 18-22℃ Td≤-65℃ ZCH-D-28000S(28000CMH/16450CFM)
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  • Fergrove Pharmaceutical

    Fergrove Pharmaceutical

    Capsule production line: 1st  Production line: T≤20℃ RH≤15%  in the dry room Size:  96 sq.m Height: 2.5m ZCB-R-12000(12000CMH/7058CFM) 2st  Production line: T≤20℃ RH≤15%  in the dry room Size:  96 sq.m Height: 2.5m ZCB-R-12000(12000CMH/7058CFM) 3st  Production line: T≤2...
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