When a nuclear power plant is shut down for refueling--a process that can take a whole year-dehumidified air can keep such non-nuclear components as boilers,condensers, and turbines rust free.


The humidity problem of plastic industry is mainly caused by the condensation phenomenon on the surface of mould and the disturbance caused by the moisture absorbed by the plastic granule. Reducing humidity not only improves product quality, but also increases production.
The influence of humidity on the quality of plastic products: during the injection molding process of plastic products, the thermoplastic is heated first, and then the mold is used to form a certain shape. Because of many plastic resin have hygroscopicity, in injection molding process, if the raw material with moisture, release raw material after boiling water vapor can lead to defects of the final structure and shape. In order to improve product quality, dehumidification is required before using plastic materials. The influence of humidity on the yield of plastic products: generally, too high temperature will increase the molding time and reduce the output. The lower the mold temperature, the faster the forming. In the process of plastic injection molding, most systems use cooling water to reduce mold temperature in order to save molding time and increase production. However, mold temperature too low will produce condensation, especially in the summer more common. This will result in water stains on the finished products, corrosion of expensive molds, and increased maintenance and replacement costs. By using the wheel dehumidifier, the dehumidifying point of air can be controlled to avoid the condensation during the cooling process.

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